Professional sharpening paste

Professional sharpening paste

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What is backlapping?

Backlapping is a process for maintaining and sharpening cylinder mower blades, which is used in particular for lawn care. In this process, grinding or lapping paste is applied to the cylinder mower blades to sharpen them and remove irregularities or unevenness on the cutting surfaces.

The term "backlapping" is derived from the movement of the grinding paste, which runs counter to the normal direction of rotation of the cylinder mower blades. This counter-movement causes the grinding paste to wear down and smooth the cutting surfaces of the blades, resulting in a sharper cutting performance. This process serves to increase the accuracy and precision of the cut and improve the quality of the lawn.

Backlapping is usually carried out regularly to ensure that the blades of the cylinder mower remain in optimum condition. It is an important maintenance procedure to ensure that your cylinder mower produces an even and clean cut. Note, however, that not all cylinder lawn mowers can be reground and it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations before using this procedure.

The sharpening paste is suitable for all cylinder mowers. We supply a 150g tin of the high-quality lapping paste "Diamonite Ultra Edge" from Foley United with a 120 grit. This lapping compound is characterized by its first-class quality. The high-quality grit enables fast backlapping and the water-based formulation makes the paste easy to rinse off with water. With this lapping paste, you can sharpen your blades effortlessly and give them a longer service life.

With this sharpening paste, you can easily sharpen your spindle and bottom blade yourself and get a neat and even lawn cut.


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1x 150g tin of backlapping paste "Diamonite Ultra Edge 120 grit" from Foley United

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