That's how it works

The functionality of the grasspech

the Scratch Is not to be confused with a vertical device. A vertexier scratches with claws the moss and weeds from the surface of the grass narbe and works like a kind of rase. the Aerator Start up to ten centimeters depth Holes In the lawns filled with sand to achieve better drainage. In the market, there are other products that work similarly in addition to the lawn. However, these are mostly equipped with full spoons and in their action not so effective.

Effortless piercing of the spoons

the service of the lawn spech will not fall for you: her stave the aerator simply in uniform intervals (about 15 centimeters) again and again in your lawn. Thanks to the rubber-coated handles you can pack the woodpecker, without your hands pain. The advantage here is that the lawn fan with only two spoons is equipped, so that you do it effortless can also penetrate in lightholds. Competitive products have after the principle "Much helps a lot" often more spoons. However, with each additional spoon also increases the effort to put the aerator into the earth. At first glance, you have created more holes at first glance, but will tire much faster due to the increased power consumption. With the lawn tech you can do your Forces a lot of better And almost effortlessly care for your lawn.

No collecting rates

With the help of conical, hollow spoons The outstitch wanders through the spoon upwards and is thus not only displaced. The resulting "earth sausages" fall virtually directly into the drip tray and you saves you the laborious. If you are ready, you can easily put the aerator to your other garden devices where he is waiting for his next bet.

The lawn breathes

Through the functionality of the device, the lawn is thus whirled up not only superficially, but ventilated deep. With the help of the holes in the soil, it promotes the metabolism of the aerobic bacteria and the grass growth. It is optimal if you enter the resulting holes Sand fetchedto fill you loose. The lawn gets a permanent drainage by this processing way, whereby the rainwater can penetrate faster and deeper into the ground. Thus, it is prevented and the underlying mother bottom is protected by the drying, sandy grass surface before too fast dehydration.