The right size

Find the right spoon

One of the most common questions is: Which Spoon is the right thing for me? This depends on the soil texture, a rather sandy ground you can work very well with the 16er spoon while choosing the 20s spoon for loamy and very compacted soils. Many customers start with the 20 spoon and when the floor is then well loosened, the 16-spoon is used. Here is the advantages of the two variants:

Spoon 16mm

  • Smaller holes growing back faster
  • For smaller punctures a faster rooting is possible
  • The need for sand for subsequent introduction to the holes is lower

Spoon 20mm

  • The lawn is effectively loosened and ventilated
  • Effective drainage is achieved and avoided
  • Constipation due to heavy and loamy floors are easy to remove

Spoon 24mm

  • Weeds can be pronounced efficiently
  • Easy to target possible, since the drip pan is previously removed
  • The resulting holes can also be used for fertilization, e.g. For fruit trees and shrubs, so the nutrients come exactly where they are needed: to the roots
  • To the Plants of tubers and seeds If wonderfully the holes are pronounced, no ditch is necessary

Which stalk length is the right one?

Back-saving work is important to us, so we are particularly proud of our drip tray, because this eliminates the annoying styles according to the ground hub. So that we meet every body size, we now have a solution for the large lawn lovers: the Rasetech in the long version. We recommend the longer woodpecker from a height of 1.80m. For better orientation, we have been photographed: Christian is 1.98m tall and Melanie 1.73m. Which we can not work with the size difference with a tool you can see very clear here.