Manufacture product

How did the Falkenstein get its name?

The name Falkenstein (Falcon Stone) appeared to us very fitting, because the Falcon stands for precision and the stone for robustness. In addition, Falkenstein is the name of one of the most beautiful golf clubs in Germany.

The design and production is carried out completely in-house at our location in Germany. The Falkenstein is a manufactured product that is not produced in large quantities in order to be able to guarantee the high quality. The trademark is above all the contactless cut.

The robust and torsion-resistant construction of the Falkenstein guarantees a long service life. With the infinitely variable and backlash-free cutting height adjustment, the desired cutting height can be precisely adjusted. The same-sided weight distribution ensures optimal balance and easy handling of the cylinder mower.

A retractable handle allows the device to be stored in a space-saving manner. In addition, there is a maintenance position that allows for manual backlapping in addition to easy maintenance and cleaning. With the supplied high-quality abrasive paste and the matching hand crank, regular backlapping is child's play and leads to a significant reduction in sanding intervals. Of course, as a manufacturer, we also offer a grinding service as well as winter storage.

Die geteilte robuste Heckwalze des Falkensteins hat einen Durchmesser von 255 mm und besteht aus Edelstahl. Sie verfügt über eine Freilauf- und Differentialfunktion, die eine reibungslose und präzise Mähleistung ermöglicht. Die Edelstahl-Antriebswelle sorgt für eine zuverlässige Kraftübertragung.

The reel of the Falkenstein is made by hand and has a precisely robust 25mm spindle shaft as well as high-quality dust-protected self-aligning bearings. The back grind allows for a contactless cut and thus minimizes wear. The coating (optionally galvanized or powder-coated) prevents flaking and the thinly applied coating ensures a better cut by reducing the material build-up.

The bedknife was also developed with the utmost care and is manufactured entirely by us ourselves. The special grinding geometry called "Tournament Cut" ensures an optimal position in terms of cutting height. The carefully designed angle grind and the use of wear-resistant materials make the lower knife extremely durable.

The Falkenstein's closed collection basket is made of robust plastic and prevents the spread of unwanted foreign grasses.

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