Lawn care tips

Knowledge about the perfect lawn

To have a perfect grass, such as on the golf course or football field, is a often unrivaled dream of many gardener. That pulling a perfect lawn is not so easy, alone proves that there is even the gardener even a separate profession for lawn care - the Greenkeeper. But this is not a reason to be discouraged, because with a few tricks and tricks, time and a small portion of patience, you are not so far the perfect lawn. Important is only the necessary know-how.

In principle, a lawn takes overall Five prerequisitesto look healthy and perfectly. These are:

Beautiful lawn by aerification

For the points Ventilation and irrigation Are aerifiers like the Scratch important. On the one hand penetrates through the cutting of holes More air to the Rootso that the lawn can breathe again. On the other hand, problems such as daisies are resolved, as a loose ground passes more water.

Recently tested care principle

The principle has been used for many years of owners of large-scale lawns, such as for a golf course: the gardener in the vegetation period from May to September with large sting rolls over the short-cut lawn of golf and football pitches and press up to 90 millimeters Depth and 20 millimeters thick holes in the ground.

In this way, they break up the compression of the soil and the substrate can "breathe" again. The metabolism of the aerobic bacteria and the grass growth are promoted. That's exactly what you can achieve with the grasspack in your garden.

Recommended preparation of the aeration

But the aerification alone is not enough to get a perfect lawn. To have to further measures to be taken. For example, the elimination of Moosen, which found a good breeding ground through the booms in the gardens. Here you have to get to the vertexier. Vertize and aerify can not replace each other, but they go hand in hand. Before you aerified, the lawn should be thoroughly vertically sealed so that the problem does not start from the front by the moss compositing on the lawn.

Use of fertilizer for healthy growth

If your lawn freed from the Moosen, it is important to sew along the surfaces accordingly, so that new grass can grow again at this point. It is necessary that your lawn also fertilizes. Regardless of whether User Order Zierrasen, in both cases one is one Optimal fertilization important, because that keeps your lawn healthy and Protects against weeds.

Note the growth phases of the lawn

Like Aerify should you be the grass too Beginning of the growth phase fertilizeSo in spring. Optimal is the use of a Mineral long-term fertilizer in the spring and one Organic long-term fertilizer In late summer. A mineral fertilizer immediately gives the nutrients at your lawn so that it can grow directly. The advantage of the organic fertilizer is that the nutrients are released only slowly to the lawn. So you guarantee that your lawn will receive the necessary nutrients in autumn and in winter.

Effective composition of the fertilizer

Important is the composition: a good fertilizer should phosphorus and potassium contain. Additionally hurt nitrogen Not, because he supports growth and gives the lawn a rich green. If you then distribute the fertilizer evenly on the grass, nothing stands in the way of a perfect grass. So that works, the best half of the fertilizer is spread across the fertilizer and longitudinally about lawn - so it reduces the chance to over-fulfill some places.

The limes is also important

In recent years, the Lime fertilizer More and more popular. Funed with a lot of eye, he carries true miracles: he neutralizes soil absence and combines the clay particles contained in the ground for larger crumbs. The "flocked" clay crumbs then improve the mother's bottom and thus ensure one Efficient storage from water and air. Beware but before a summary, because our parents have warned us: "Lime makes rich fathers and poor sons". Although your lawn receives many nutrients in the short term after a decent lime fertilization, but in the long term, it builds the humus and your soil loses all nutrients.

By the way, after aerification, it always recommends that the grass supply the necessary nutrients. Therefore, you should pay attention to always fertilize it.

Real mowing for effective lawn care

Now your lawn is just the right cut. Only through the regular mowing forms a Poet "Rasent Carpet", because with each cut, the grass forms new secondary gears. In addition, you prevents your lawn starts to bloom. In general, you should pay attention to the lawn nott mowing, if he wet is. If it has rained a lot and the floor is soft, the grass scar is strained by the devices, and the Cutter mower tear the grassinstead of cutting it clean.

The optimal cutting height

Now it is important to know what amount and with what frequency should be mowed. At a normal Nurse Is it enough, the grass once a week four to five centimeters Cut. With a nice one Ornamental grass is that a little more complicated: you have to mow up to three times a week. Ideal is a cutting height of two and a half to three centimeters. Small tip: Who uses a spindle mill, scores more considerable results. For example, this is often used in the "English lawn". But beware: please remember that a short lawn needs much more care and can dry out faster.

Beware of strong sunlight

However, please always pay attention to the grass on especially hot summer days calm half a centimeter longer, otherwise the lawn burns well. Also, you should be the garden on edit late morning: So the sun is not so strong, on the one hand, on the other hand, the morning dew has already disappeared.

When the grass makes a "shot"

Especially in the summer months it can come to warm-wet weathering - at this time the lawn gets a growth thrust. If this is the case, you should add a mowing course each week. If it has rained for a long time in a piece, one speaks of the grass made "a shot". So it has grown much more than usual. In such a situation, it's better if you mow the lawn in two steps to the right length, otherwise you risk that he is dried and brown.

Choose the time with consideration

Also the right one time May be well chosen. The first maht should already give your lawn when Mild spring temperatures have used. If autumn is very warm, you can Mow until October. To make your lawn winter-proof, you should sciss with it 0.5 centimeters shorter than usual and, of course, remove all foliage and lawn radicals. Otherwise, the danger is great that your garden is infected by mushrooms and mold. Likewise, you should never leave the foliage on your lawn - even this can lead to diseases.

Perfect grass must refuel sun

Of course, the professionals among you know that sun is not the same sun. Already when creating the garden you can pay attention to the grass ideal growth conditions due to solar radiation. Generally, all the lawn places want a lot of sun, so the sun's radiation should Every day over four hours to lie. Of course, you must be careful with the shadow lovers under the lawn seeds. For darker cornerswho can not be refueled with a lot of sun, there is the matching seed. Just let you know about the garden professionals of your trust or risk a look at ourGarden blog, because even here you can expect exciting tips, around the topic of garden.