The effect of aerification

"So that the lawn can breathe again"

The problems: Moose, weeds

You care for your lawn with a lot of effort, nevertheless your year after year same problem: Moose Cover the beautiful ornamental grass, the grass becomes brown, Undressed Like dandelions and daisies, the picture of your perfect rasp ruin. not Rarely falling in these problems under hobby gardeners solution suggestions such as "destroy" and destroy "weed". However, these usually only offer short-term aid. Although it is exempted superficially (10-20 mm deep) from Moosen by the verticutation of the lawns, but that alone is not sufficient in many cases. The reason for the fact that weeds on the lawn wide power, is usually in a weakened grass scar, as the grass not enough air gets. Weed killer on chemical basis damage your lawn also long-lasting. As with the immune system of man, viruses (weeds) can only one-mention when the lawn is weakening. Rainwater can not drain and swarm the surface. The grass roots do not get enough water while the green is in the water.

Possible reason: steamed

A very annoying attacker is, for example, the moss. It spreads quite fast and overgrown the beautiful lawn uncompromisingly. reason These are often Burst. These are usually caused by a strong compaction of the earth, for example by impenetrable clay or milage. The rainwater is stowed on or the groundwater pushes from the bottom up - the result is one Root. Once the ground is so compacted so that the rainwater can no longer drain properly into the earth, it remains on the surface - a good breeding ground for the lichen. By removing this moose, you only achieve a temporary effect. Seen in the long run, another solution must be made: the lawn must be able to breathe again. Through the holes, the water reaches the roots - the water heater regenerates itself.


The solution: aerify the lawn

To properly maintain your lawn, it is helpful to work with the functioning of the Lawn (Aerify) to familiarize. Also, if the verticot is far more familiar, the aerification is an indispensable measure to shine in healthy green the lawn. The method of aerification was even before the vertexution, almost a century ago - namely in 1946 by Tom Mascaro. The vertexier, on the other hand, was launched on the market until 1955 by Mascaro. In order to ensure a perfect lawn, one thing is one Deep-impacting loosening and drainage the floor needed. This happens via Aerator, because using the "Spoon"(Spines) can you penetrate up to ten centimeters in the earth and ensures the necessary ventilation.

In this case, there is basically between two systems: The "spoons" can either consist of solid material (ie nails) or constructed as sleeves, so be hollow. That is, when they consist of solid material, they only displace the earth. Spoons made of solid material push down the earth down and to the side down. This can cause the rainwater to be accumulated in the holes because the compressed soil has no or only a low permeability. Therefore, aerifiers like the Scratch More advantageous, because his "spoons" are hollow inside. So the earth can directly from the Floor out will. The grass drives stronger roots and becomes strong and healthy. Moose has no chance.

The right time

As with the hedney or the insertion of flower bulbs, the aerification must also right season respectively. Therefore, you should take the following consideration: it has proved to be beneficial, the aerification already in the spring, ie in the period of March to April Perform. At this season, the grass is facing his growth boss. This is exactly the right time for floor ventilation, because when using the lawn fan, it does not prevent the damage to the roots. If one is too late, one affects the growth and a yellow edge may form around the aerifier holes. So that the root works recover quickly, the grass has to grow well, for which the soil must be kept moist.

This is best succeeded if No heat and Dry periods To be expected. Ideally, the lawn should be moist, but not wet if you edit it. Then the aerification works best. Also in early autumn, so in September and October The conditions are optimal to test the lawn again. You should pay attention to local weather conditions in each case, as regionally other aerifier times are useful. How to go right with the aerator and how he works at all, you can under the linkThe functioning of theGrasspech Read. Even after a few weeks, the lawn rooted the sand holes.

The subsequent care

With the stinging of the holes it is not done. So that the roots are optimally developing, you should roughly washed in the resulting holes sand (Grain of 0 - 1 mm) put in. The ground gets by this processing way permanent drainageso that the rainwater can penetrate faster and deeper into the ground. You thus prevents further beads and the drying, sandy grass surface protect the underlying mother floor before faster dehydration. It offers itself to the sand in the grass seeds and fertilizer, then you will receive excellent results after a short recovery time.


The advantages of grasspech at a glance

  • One Stable universal basic construction and specially constructed pipes with Hardened cutting rings - You will not stump stump and the excavation will not be stuck in them.
  • Effort For the exhortable - due to the special construction of the aerifier. In addition, the exhortable is optimally removed.
  • Thanks to the drip tray remain No floor remains Lying on the lawn.
  • The lawn gets by this processing way permanent drainageSo that rainwater can penetrate faster and deeper into the ground.
  • Staggering will prevent. In addition, the drying, sandy grass surface protects the underlying mother soil from too fast dehydration.
  • Excellent results By subsequent fertilizer, recessed and a short recovery time.