Secret of success

The secret of the lawsuit of lawn.

There is a large selection of cheap aerifiers on the market that are intended to optimally ventilate your lawn. Nevertheless, garden professionals swear by the Lawnpecker, because with him the aerification is no longer a bone work. Why is that Lawnpecker Something special?


TheLawnpecker Stabs the holes out of the lawn with the help of hollow spoons. The soil density is reduced by the cut out holes and the removed excavation, the water flows better and the wet is eliminated. There are great powers on the spoons, which leads to cheap aerifiers to bend or break off on the bracket. In cheap aerifiers, the spoons are simply welded. Due to the heat, this leads to a slight deformation of the spoon. Due to the deformation and the weld seams, the excavation remains faster in hollow tine put. Therefore, the spoons of the lawn woodpecker are unreservedly connected to the holding plate by a high -quality metal processing process, the so -called bördeln.


There are also other products that cut out holes with the help of hollow spoons, but the excavation often gets stuck in the pipes. At the Lawnpecker The optimal design for the spoons was worked out in a long -term development process: the conical form. This means that your spoons get minimally thinner downwards. So the holes that stand out the spoons are not completely cylindrical, but become a little wider upwards. Therefore, the excavation does not jail in hollow tine, but falls out loosely and ends up in the collecting tub.


The aerifier consists of many different materials that guarantee optimal usage conditions. The collecting tub was cast out of rubber and is not only almost indestructible, but also protects your shin legs from blue spots if you should slip and bump. The spoons were made of stainless steel so as not to rust in the damp earth. Since you cannot harden stainless steel, the tips of the spoon cutting rings made of hardened special steel are placed on the tips. Due to the special hardening, they are extremely resistant. So your aerifier is not damaged or dull by poor weather or hard surfaces, such as stones. The stem is available either made of powder -coated steel or stainless steel. Due to the design with a center stem, the lawn bei is also particularly light. It is therefore easy to use so that it can be carried and used effortlessly.



Three different spoons were developed for aerification: 16, 20 and 24 millimeters in diameter. So you can determine yourself how big the holes should be in your lawn and maintain them according to individual needs. You can unscrew the plate with the spoons quickly and easily from the basic structure and exchange them with other spoons with a plate. So you can at any time your already bought Lawnpecker upgrade with another set of spoons.

In addition, you can have a plate with a single one hollow tine (Ø 24 millimeters) acquire - the lodged tube. With this you can use the Lawnpecker Effectively cut out and uproot weeds.

The collecting bowl

While when using other aerficers the excavation usually remains on the lawn, the savings are saved Lawnpecker The annoying work of collecting. With the help of the collecting shell, the resulting Earth excavation caught directly And do not have to be collected afterwards.


The quality

In which Lawnpecker Can you be sure to hold a German quality product in your hands. The aerifier was developed by lawn lovers and is fully in Germany by us manual built. So it stands Lawnpecker for German quality.