application areas

Which ground does your area have? Find out now on the Floor map of the Federal Environmental Agency.

Applications of the lawn

the Aerator is the perfect tool due to its easy handling for every gardener. Already at the first stitch you will notice how easily the Scratch penetrates in your lawn. The aerifier is suitable for nearly every floor. But especially at Staunen Löß- und Lehmböden The grasspech achieves a great effect. But even in soils that are difficult to process, because, for example, many small stones are in the earth, the aerator (lawnspecht) is effortless. Since the metal of his Cutting rings specially hardened Is, stones do not cause any problems and even after multiple application the cut rings remain knife sharp.

Flexible work assignment

Corners and beetic boundaries can often be achieved poorly with large devices - the grass scars are often particularly weak and urgently need to be aerified. Just when your lawn is very angled or not quite straight, the lawn tech is suitable for your needs. His size is he almost everywhere operable and can also be used in the smallest corners. Even if the roots of the trees and shrubs of your garden make the lawns heavily accessible for other garden devices, you can easily edit them with the lawn tablet.

Remove weed environmentally friendly

In addition, you will 24 millimeters spoon Facilitate the fight against weeds. The single spoon was designed to be ideal in use against pile root, such as dandelions. If you tear a dandelion out of the lawn, usually a small root residue remains back, through which the weeds spreading even more. With the grasspeck, you can specifically move the weed to body and remove it without leaving huge holes in the earth.

Suitable lawns

An aerifier like the grasspeck is suitable for Small to medium sized lawns. If your lawn area is less than about 200 square meters, the aerifier is ideal for you.

Your benefits at a glance

In a nutshell, that means for you that you can apply your aerator everywhere where

  • Your lawn less than 200 Square meter is
  • Clay or clay floors the processing usually makes it difficult to do
  • Small stones miss other garden tools,
  • Your lawn too ancient or from trees and shrubs too rooted For larger devices,
  • weedhow e.g. Dandelion should be destroyed.