In time for the aerial season 2020 is the Sandpipe (also known as Level Rake) available from us.

Level Rake - The ingenious device for lawn care finally now with us

Evenly juicy green - so the lawn should look if he should make the gardener really enjoy. The reality often looks different: prone from weed, with yellow or brown stains and partly simply gaps. Often, soil compression is the cause. Here it can be a helpful step to sand the grass.

Lawn sands in heavy ground

Sand sanded by a heavy ground quality, frequent entering or other reasons to supply sand, can be a true young fountain for the grass. Suddenly, the roots get oxygen again, water gauges are avoided and the grasses are prone to mushroom. The floor can absorb more water in dryness.
In order to portray the lawn, usually mowed, vertically or aerified, then the sand is applied and integrated. Suitable sand are also playing sand or fine-grained quartz sand in addition to special sand sand.
The cavities in the ground caused by the previous aerification or vertically, are then filled with the sand and thus make a valuable contribution to drainage and ventilation of the soil.
After the expansion of the sand on the short mown and vertitized or aerified He must be incorporated. And there is an ingenious device that will soon be available from us: the Sandpipe (also known as Level Rake).

Distribute sand with the Sandrauple (Level Rake)

Under the name 'Level Rake' or 'Lawn Leveling Rake', this garden device has been available for some time in the US, and those who have seen his ground with it will no longer want to miss.
The device consists of a grating, pivotable metal head and an aluminum stalk. It can be light move forward and back over the lawn and work efficient The sand into existing cavities and bumps without destroying the short grass. For the incorporation of the sand is used analogously to the vertically or aerification once in paths in the one direction and then perpendicular to the other direction. Due to their special construction, the Sandrauze makes this work easy and back-saving.

Further works with the device: From MoleWill to Topdressing

Our special tip: With the Level Rake not only laser sands, but as well a mole hill eine or embark on, for example, the ground in front of a sowing.
Also a so-called topdressing can be distributed very well with this device on the grass.
This special lawn power mixture consists of sand, a high-quality rasping fertilizer and the finest sifted compost or lancing. It is equipped as well as the rasens sand after the vertexution on the grass and then evenly distributed. This miracle mix also brings a tired and crushing lawn again. The incorporation takes over the Sandrauze back-saving for you.