Rasenspecht adapter plate
Rasenspecht adapter plate

Rasenspecht adapter plate

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This aluminium adapter plate allows spikes to be attached underneath the aerator.

Spiking the lawn can have several advantages, including:

  • Better aeration: Spiking facilitates better gas exchange in the soil, which can promote root growth and lawn health.
  • Reducing soil compaction: Tilling the soil with full spoons reduces compaction, allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil better.
  • Promoting root development: Making holes in the soil can stimulate root growth and help roots spread deeper into the soil.
  • Better drainage: Spiking can help drain excess water and prevent waterlogging, which can reduce the growth of fungi and prevent lawn disease.

Suitable for the treatment of localised dry spots and pathways and to prepare soil for reseeding.

The device can be mounted on any original Rasenspecht base frame.


  • The spikes have a diameter of 6 mm and a penetration depth of 50 mm.
  • The plate is made of aluminium and measures 18x19 cm

Included in delivery:

  • Aluminium plate with 20 threads for mounting full spoons.
  • 16 stainless steel full spoons for mounting directly on the plate.
  • 4 stainless steel full spoons for mounting the plate on the aerator

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