operation manual

Application of the device

The lawn should be aerified at least twice a year by caring requirements; in the spring and in Late summer / autumn. Of course, a repeated application is possible. To achieve your optimal results, you should proceed as follows:

Step 1: Divide the lawn visually into individual surfaces to be processed one after the other.

Step 2: Select one of the delimited areas and procedure according to the following description.

Step 3: Pick the aerator into the ground and push into it with the help of the foot.

Step 4: Pull out the aerifier out of the ground and stab again into the lawn in around 15 centimeters.

Step 5: Repeat the process as often until the lawn has been processed evenly.

Step 6: Into the resulting holes of sand. If the grass is very light, crowd seeds can be sewn.

Step 7:The resulting earth sausages can be disposed of on the compost.

Step 8: Fertilize the floor. (Attention: too much fertilizer damages the grass.)

After four weeks first results are visible.

So please do not:

not Apply if a longer dry period is to be expected.
not Apply if the grass is too wet. It should only be slightly moist.
not Apply when Frost is expected.
not Apply if the lawn has already been aerified before.

Change the spoons

The fittings must be loosened with a mouth bowl and screwdriver and pull out the base plate with the spoons from the base frame and the collecting tub.


Insert the base plate with the spoons when inserting through the drip tray and tighten the fittings.

The weedt tube is screwed to the base frame without the drip tray. ConsequentlyIt is guaranteed that your free view to target the plants.


The aerifier can either be mounted, armed or simply on wood or
to be made another soft underground. So that the cutting rings are not unnecessary
to be strained, the aerifier is not with these on concrete, stone or similar harden
Stop soils. You should make sure that the cut rings no humidity
You could get rusty. More about this in the Care instructions.