Our tips to the lawn sand

Next to the mowingFertilize, Verticateand Aerify Belongs also the so-called Sand lawnTo a model lawn care. Because this allows the hobby gardener to solve some problems in the home garden. The following text gives many useful tips around this topic.

Why should each lawn regularly be resigned?

The lawn must be maintained so that he still shines in a rich and healthy green even after a few years.

If the soil texture is not ideal, it can come to a shortage. To prevent this, special lawn sand can be used, which takes over the following tasks:

  • loosens compressed lawn
  • acts as a kind of drainage and prevents steaming
  • Improves the ventilation
  • resembles smaller bumps
  • Allows you a dense grass growth

What exactly is lawn?

It is about aVery effective method with which the soil texture improves a lawn surfaceand therebythe grass growth can be excited. It has been used for a long time to optimally prepare football fields or golf courses for example. Because these should be as green and tight as possible. The rasenand can also mending the green area in a natural way among others and also fixes different defects. For example, he also ensures that a buffer arises. This is the greensignificantly more resistantand ideal in front of theAthletesorChildren playingprotected.

When is the ideal time for this work?

The ideal times for applying the sand are thatspringand theautumn. If this work has never been done so far, it should be done at the beginning of the year. Because then the lawn can grow ideal until the summer. Next year, the hobby gardener can decide if he carries them out in spring or in the fall. The rest of the time he does not have to spend no a lawn sand, as they fall into the earth and then remains there. So not even very strong rain phases can do it.

Which types of sand are suitable?

First of all, it has to be decided which sandport should be. Basically, two different versions are suitable for this. In addition, they are quite cheap and in actually everyoneHardware storeandGarden centeravailable.

1st quartz sand

This sandpart is quite fine and consists of a large part, sometimes even complete, made of quartz grains. This fact makes this sand species very popular for the sand. Because she can not only optimize the floor on different ways, but also asactivate a practical drainage. However, the different products sometimes differ veryly in their quality. Ahigh qualityandgood quartz sandDoes the hobby gardener recognize the following points:

  • as fine-grained as possible (zero up to a maximum of two millimeters)
  • round-grained
  • Caldarm and
  • washed

Onevery effectiveandalso quite inexpensive variantis the so-calledRheinsand. Because he also meets the points mentioned above.

2. Game sand

withGame sandis meant a sand that normally onPlaygroundsand inNative sandboxesto be found. His grains have oneDiameter between 0.063 to a maximum of two millimetersAnd are therefore just as well suited for these purposes as the Rheinsandes. It is also advantageous that it is thoroughly cleaned before the sale and ofSleuff and sound freed will. Because therefore, the children can form the game sand easier.

Should one be aerify in front of the lawn?

Depending on how the lawn is obtained, he should be before applying the sandaerifiedbecome what exactlyvery heavily compacted surfacescan be very helpful. Either will be used for this processmanualor aMechanical Aerifierneeded.

Both variants are with so-called "Spoon"(Spoons) equipped, thefive to a maximum of ten centimeters deep holes Include in the earth and dissolve the compression thereby. Aerification is especially atquite old floorsVery important, which may not have been well maintained very long.

The lawn

It is not enough to distribute the lawn sand only on the meadow because the desired effect is not achieved. Instead, must the material is incorporated in this. Here you should take the following steps:

  • Lawn in the spring / mowing on a length of two to three centimeters in the fall
  • Edit lawn in the longitudinal direction as well as in the transverse direction with the vertexeter (if necessary)
  • Aerify the lawn and remove any residues ("earth sausages") or a device with Sewer to use
  • Add quartz sand into a scattering device suitable for this and put it on the lawn surface with it
  • Outlined quartz sand with a level rake or our Sandpipeor distribute as evenly with a rake or street brush as evenly

Instead of using a special scattering device, the sand can also be distributed by hand. However, one should pay attention to a uniform coverage of all areas. Five liters per square meterare a good amount.

What is the so-called topdressing?

Who onevery strong with weedsandMoos overgrown lawnIdeal wants to be a so-calledTopdressinguse. This is oneVery valuable material mixmeant by joining theQuartz sandalso some organic substances (for examplecompostpeatandas fine lancing as possible) andhigh quality fertilizerare located. Thisvaluable material mixIs not only very good to the sand, but is also capable ofVitalize the grasses in the lawn. This grows faster and weeds and mosses are less.

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