Lawn care in autumn

The garden season is coming to an end. Beete and lawn are prepared on the winter. What can you do so that your lawn is green again next year?

cut the lawn

Cut the grass not too short for the last mowing of the year. In winter, the growth of the lawn rests until the temperatures rise again to at least 9 ° Celsius. The stalks protect the roots before frost. However, if the stals are too long, you can cancel in the frost. The ideal cut length is about 5 - 6 cm.

Clean lawn

After each mowing and when the leaves fall on the lawn, it is important that you remove the crops with the rake. Otherwise they take the light to the lawn. The stains under the grass residues become yellow. In addition, there is an ideal climate for the snow shimmer under the covered areas. This is a fungus that feeds from dead plant parts. High humidity and cool temperatures, as they often occur in autumn, are ideal living conditions for the snow mold. He leaves gray to brown spots on the grass.


Be sure you can repair well in autumn. The ground is still warm and in autumn it is usually wet enough that the seeds can germinate. Loose the ground up and jokes the weeds. After smoothing the bare places, the seeds of a high-quality rasemous seed mixture strike on the surfaces. Go with a roll over the seeds. This will press you to the ground and get enough moisture. Worries that the places are always wet in the next four weeks, so that the seeds also rise, which need a longer time to germinate.

Turf fertilize

In autumn, your lawn needs a fertilizer with potassium. It does not serve the growth but helps the grasses to train stronger cell walls. The grass becomes more resistant to the frost. This fertilizer also helps against the snow shield.

Vertize lawn

During the year, a matted layer made of small stems and leaves has been formed on the ground of the lawn. It prevents air, water and nutrients from getting into the ground and the roots. When vertically, this felt layer is cut. It is important that you are not working too deep. The roots should stay unhurt.

You should tighten your lawn when the felt layer is at least 5 millimeters thick. You can say a piece of your lawn with the spades. Now you can measure the felt layer.

There are different devices for vertically. Depending on the size of the lawn worth the use of a verticutier with motor. For small lawns there are handvertizers. They all have movable knives with which they cut and loosen the lawn felt. You can set the knives to the desired length so that the lawn felt is optimally cut. With the verticutor you work your grass longitudinally and transverse in trains. The released felt pieces will then remove with the rake.


Now you still work a layer deeper to aerify the floor. This means that air can get into the ground. Straight floors with a high proportion of tone condense easily. When the lawn is often entering, the ground also compresses. Then the water does not penetrate into the ground or it comes to bursts. The roots of the grass can only grow badly. Moss and algae find ideal growth conditions.

Through the aerification, the floor is loosened. The ground quality improves. Water and nutrients penetrate into the depths and are absorbed by the grass plants. Thus, you are also looking forward to the masking of the lawn.

Ventilating to the lawn for approximately 200 holes should be stung in the ground per square meter of about 200 holes in the distance of 10 to 15 centimeters. The ideal depth are 10 centimeters. Of course we recommend our Scratch. If you have a larger lawn area, a motorized ventilation device is a good alternative. They all push with the help of hollow cylinders small holes in the grassy and the floor. If you then fill these holes with sand, the small air ducts remain open longer.

Clean tools

If you want to enjoy your garden units next year, you should finally clean your tools. With water and a brush you remove the earth of spade, hoe and the lawn fan. Then you can easily oil it. At the end you give it to a dry place where you spend the winter. For the cleaning of our grasspiece we have one Nursing Compiled with which of course all other garden tools can be cleaned.


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