Irrigation irrigation

As soon as regular rainfalls fail, the lawn must be watered. In our last post we have you different irrigation systems Imagined that irritate your lawn uniformly nationwide. Well, however, the question arises how much and when should it be absorbed? We give you a pair of optimal irrigation and then take a little bit into the trick box:


Water requirement

On average, the water requirement of a grass area is 15-20 liters per square meter. The higher value applies to particularly demanding lawns, for example zierrasen. It should be noted, however, that lawns require more water under trees, as the large roots escape the water very quickly out of the ground. In order to be able to optimally assess the water requirement for the ground a sodenry, it can determine the penetration depth of the irrigation water. Furthermore, your extreme heat periods should keep in mind. In this case, the water requirement of your lawn increases enormously, sometimes even down to twice the required amount.


In the right time

Especially in the months of May to mid-September, a irritation of your lawn is necessary. You can then submit the required amount of water in an irrigation step at your lawn. This helps your lawn while storing the water as well. In midsummer, the floors are very dry and the water fissures quickly so that the entire water disappears with too short neighboring time. If your lawn has to be irrigated, you can easily check: If your footprint remains visible in the lawn for a long time, it will be time for irrigation, because then the water content of the Halm is no longer enough. The energies are consumed and so the lawn is only tedious.


tips and tricks

Save drinking water

Drinking water is expensive, especially if you want to irrigate larger lawns regularly. In addition, the drinking water resources are scarce, so that this precious good should not be consumed unnecessarily. Therefore, we recommend you to buy large water tanks, which are easily replenished by rain. In the trade, there are several variants, so certainly for every hobby gardener the right thing is. Remedy is irrigation with surface water, for example of garden ponds. Through the plants and animals in the pond, the water is biased with organic material and can damage your ornamental grass. Robust sports crases in turn can be easily watered.


The sodesprobe

These can easily be found out: For this purpose, a 10-centimeter deep shaving code cuts out, for example with a pocket knife. Then you check them according to your moisture content. If only the top 3 centimeters are dry, then a neighboring time is sufficient from one hour. If there are already 5 centimeters, you have to nobody otherwise.

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