Lawn irrigation in dryness

What we love, we want to care for and hurt. Also our lawn and that right in dryness. We invested a lot of money and work and then want to prevent our beloved green. With normal vegetation, the lawn per m² requires about 2 liters of water a day. The more heating the more. From 30 ° you go from a daily requirement of 4 liters.

How do I best irritate the lawn?

Let's go from a water requirement of 2 liters a day. Then our lawn takes about 14 liters a week. You can water the lawn every day. But with that we do not like the lawn. The roots do not need to try to get moisture. Depending on the bottom condition, the lawn comes 7 days and longer without water. Then the roots have to strive and go to the depths. So it is better rarer and then more to water. Example: once a week 15 liters on the m² or twice a week 7 liters. Strong roots are the basic requirement for a healthy, resilient lawn.

How do I water?

Water comes through the garden hose. This mostly in too big quantities on one time. Better are irrigation aids e.g. Beregner. These are then adjusted so that the desired amount of water is given in a long time to the grass. So do not distribute 15 liters in a very short time on the plant. The irrigation process may like to take hours. With a water meter (from 15 euros) you can see when the desired amount has flowed.

When do I start with the irrigation?

Everyone should have a rain knife in his garden. Simple is already available from 5,00 Euro. Now you can pursue when like much rainfall. Inserts the dry phase, we have to have an eye on our lawn. There is a simple step test. Has the sun rely on the lawn, kick on the lawn and watch how quickly it aligns. Custom for more than 20 min = water! So just before the war. You can also use the Plotspoon from the Scratch Remove a floor sample. Here you can see well in which depth still moisture is present. Lawn can easily make up to 10 cm roots.

Aerify / sand

Water (H2O) consists of hydrogen and oxygen. Important elements for the floor to form microorganisms and organic substances. By the Aerify and Sand The roots get the desired effect faster. An organic / mineral fertilizer (e.g., Animatio Profidünger) is not only supportive but is an important addition. The lawn irrigation is thus an important set screw for a healthy deep root. Who loves his grass, should also let the lawn "fight". He will thank us that's sure.



Many thanks to our guest car NewWonder555, which has an incredible expertise on lawn for its guest contribution on the subject of lawn irrigation. Be sure to look up Youtube With him over!

Contribution: © NewWonder555

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