Create lawn and subsequent care

Whether in house construction or restructuring - who wants to create a new lawn, he must pay attention to the result, so that the result is also a nationwide, rich green.

The preparations

The floor

Basically, you can start with the plant of a new lawn all year round. It is important only that the soil is not frozen. However, the best conditions for a new seed prevail with one Floor temperature of about 10 degrees Celsius. So the floor should be warm. Also, the climate should not fluctuate too much. One too frequent change between warm and cold as well as wet and dry would not do the young grass well. As a rule of thumb, you can therefore get the period between May and September mark.

Before you start with the sowing, you have to prepare the ground. You should relax the ground and with the grass roll Eben. Through the ground, the Earth is particularly permeable and fine-crumbly. For this purpose, the soil climate should be in a slightly acidic area. Perfect is the floor if he is a bit loamy and sandy and one PH between 5.5 and 7.5 having. If the ground does not have the necessary nature, then it can come to beads and it is increasingly moss.

Create in front of the lawn Lime salary Check the floor. Also important are the local Lighting conditions. Basically, lawn is very light-hungry. The best results are achieved when growing when the lawn is exposed to direct sunlight. This is because the photosynthesis is very highly activated here. Weed and moss, on the other hand, have difficult for these conditions. In addition to the sunlight, of course, the lawn requires sufficient humidity. Prepare the ground is now the train of a proper Rectanglewhich limits the lawn.

The utensils

Before sewing the new lawn you should make sure that you have all the important utensils ready. This includes in addition to the lawns seed itself and a rasping fertilizer also lawn earth and a good race bar. Further, Rindenhumus, river sand or quartz sand are recommended. On tools you need a spade, a grave fork, a motor hoe, a garden roll, a rake and a stray car and a shower or a wirer.

Shaving types

There are several ways to plant a new lawn. Here you will find, for example, Ornamental grass or English lawn. This is the most sensitive lawn that needs special care. However, he is also very dense in the result and especially green. The so-called Strapacian or Sports and game grasses is a lawn that can withstand particularly high loads. In addition, he is particularly advancing. You often find him on football fields. the Shadow lawn is a lawn type that thrives very well on shady and semi-shaded places. This race is preferred in the vicinity of trees, shrubs or in the environment of buildings. Who for one Laths Decides, which sews not only a pure lawn, but a mixture of grass and flowers. It only takes a few weeks until the seed unfolds and the flower splendor sprouts.

Last can still be found on the Rolling ground To fall back on. This can be gripped if you want to achieve particularly fast results. The lawn has already grown and is delivered in finished tracks, which is removed on the prepared ground. There, the lawn must only grow.

The quality of the lawn

In general, one should keep the fingers away from favorable products, as otherwise it risks that the lawn does not grape properly and one must create it a second time. Seed mixtures usually consist of different Grass types. During the growth of the lawn High quality products This is more likely that slowly grow and a dense grew form. In addition, the lawn has one high root strength And even the so-called foothills is very good. Good grass types are, for example, the German Weithelgrass, the meadows-rispe, the red-swing or the bouquet grass. Depending on the purpose, the grass mixes are composed differently. The use of the use usually contains more weep grass and meadow rispe. The zierrasen, however, is predominantly red-swinging and ostrich grass. A shadow grass also consists of special grass places like the Läger-Rispe or the Lawn Schmiel.

The quality of the seed itself can be seen when buying at different characteristics. The packaging should be with the abbreviation RSM for rule seed mixture declared. In addition, you should read the exact mixing ratio and see if it is suitable for the planned purposes. Saeth titled "Berlin Tiergarten " should be left on the shelf. Here you buy the cat in the sack. In general, the higher initial investment in quality seeds is not only worthwhile with regard to the desired use and the corresponding GEIL of the lawn, but also with regard to postponice, ie the weed control or a required reserve at breadth. Here you will have much fewer problems. In general, the Mix of a maximum of three grass types There are thus the project's race promises success.

Lay out the lawn

If you have prepared the ground accordingly, it goes to the sowing. You should pay attention to the seeds as if uniform Distribute over the floor. For this you can use a stray car or sew the lawn man. If the seed is scattered, he can hiked and then scheduled will.

In addition, it is urgently recommended, one Starter fertilizer to use. This should have a highest possible phosphorus content. If you prefer to resort to a rolling ground instead of a lawn seed, then you should pay attention to the grass after the careful laying out roll right. Then the area can be entered directly. It is important that the Surfaces strongly watered will. In the next two weeks, the lawn should not dry out and always kept moist. Only in this way can the roots be optimally connected to the substrate. The lawn should still be relocated on the day of delivery, as he starts to develop rich and discoloration quickly. In contrast to a rasensaat, you have to be aware that rolling grass is much more expensive.

The lawn care

If the rash ceiling then greens after some time and a beautiful surface has formed, the lawn must sustained will. Here it says to the lawn regularly Water, mowing and fertilize. In addition, is also medium term verticate necessary. Aerect and sand Also are a blessing for the lawn.


The grass roots do not go very deep into the ground, so that a sufficient water supply must be secured especially in the summer. Otherwise, the lawn dries out and it comes to brown and bald spots. As a rule of thumb you can remember, the lawn in dryness about 1-2 times a week In addition to water and count 10-20 liters per sqm. To get the winter-proofing lawn, he should be thoroughly wisped thoroughly. A good method to water the lawn is the use of a lawn sprinkler. You can do more about lawn here Read.


The lawn must be mowed after the so-called One-third rule. If the lawn has a length that is 1/3 above the desired length, then it has to be cut. The knives of the lawn mower should always be sufficiently sharp to achieve a clean sectional picture. You are still looking for a suitable lawnmower? here There is more information.


After the lawn, one should provide the lawn regularly with fertilizers, so that Nutrient is secured. here There are recommendations from us.

Vertize, aerify and sand

In addition, you should pay attention to not too much Felts and moss In the lawn of grasslands and boom can Lawn disease cause. If necessary, these must be removed. here If you can learn more about aerification and who still needs tips on the lawn, is here precisely.


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