The right irrigation system must be

Water march!

There are actually enough rainfall in our latitudes that make an additional rising of the lawn unnecessary - that's not quite true: especially in lawns on sand floors, it can quickly come to dryness because the water can not be optimally stored. The water quickly sees in deeper layers and can not be made accessible to the plants. Also extreme weather conditions, how long heat periods can harm the lawn, if not traded. By continuous dryness and strong sunlight, harmful droughts. The roots are not grown to the heat stress in the long term and succumb to the heat death for short or long. It looks best that by irritating your lawn early in the morning, before sunrise or in the evening. If you raining the garden in the afternoon, when the sun is upside down in the sky, you risk that the "burning glass effect" will burn entire grassaves. In addition, the plants through the sudden cool irrigation water experience a veritable cold shock.
In order to boost the lawn sufficient, the market offers a variety of systems. We now introduce you four common ones:



A favorable variant of irrigation are the rotary rulers. They are variable adjustable and depending on the grass area can irrigate a full or semicircle, a strip, an ellipse or a square. They are especially suitable for winding surfaces. The surface cover can also be regulated over the water pressure. Suboptimal, however, is that the hose must be removed before each mowing. In addition, it may happen that surfaces that contain enough moisture are irrigated. In addition, overlaps may occur if the settings are not precise enough. This means that some surfaces are absorbed several times by various glands and thus to be absorbed too much water.



The quadrangers are also relocated above ground, which is why the hose must be removed before the maht. And even here it can lead to overlaps if the devices were not set clean enough. The quadrangers are the currently most widely used irrigation systems. They are connected to a hose and a rotary movement of the nozzle are irrigated square surfaces. Thanks to the water pressure, the irrigated area may vary. Quadrangers are relatively inexpensive and almost available everywhere, which is also promoted by their easy handling.

Hose shelf

If you have to rust larger surfaces, the use of hose rules is worthwhile. These are hoses with regular holes, which are simply laid on the lawns. So you guarantee that the water arrives everywhere. So they are also suitable for the lawns (anonomic, too narrow, etc.), which can not be optimally irrigated with other racers. Again, the spray width can be regulated via the pressure. The irrigation systems are inexpensive and easy to use. However, all hoses must be removed before the mowing process.


The most advanced variant of the irrigation systems is also the most expensive: Versenregner are underground and requires only a one-time installation (subsequent changes are very expensive). They are almost hardly noticeable because the rain heads are lowered after use. Thus, they also do not interfere with care measures such as lawn mowing. The handling is - after installation by those skilled in your trust - quite easy. The system can also be coupled to computer-controlled technology so that lawns can be optimally irrigated during your vacation. However, this variant is recommended only for lawn friends with a large purse, because they are succinct more expensive than above-ground installations. In addition, a professional installation is absolutely necessary, otherwise it can lead to overlaps or omission of lawns.
In addition to the price aspects, it also depends on the size and needs of your lawn areas. Last but not least, your patience also plays a big role - who has no desire to constantly lay hoses in his lawn and to set again, just in short to go to the garden hose. Optimal irrigation, however, is only guaranteed with precise irrigation systems tailored to your lawn.

In the next post we inform you about how the Optimal irrigation looks for your lawn.

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