April: The ideal planting time

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In April, the ideal planting time for fruit shrubs, perennials, flower bulbs and tubers. Starting with the hyacinth, the rhododendron and other evergreen shrubs. The rhododendron is usually at home in the forest and therefore requires a soil that is very humusive, permeable and coldcar. For example, you can enrich the floor with bark or leaf compost so that the plant is missing in nothingness. Before plants, you should put the root bales of the stow in the water about ten to 15 minutes. But pay attention to the plant that the perennial does not put too deep. It is ideal if the root bales protrude just under one to two centimeters from the earth. If you have planted the shrub, please do not forget to pour him to fertilize with horn chips and also around five centimeters high with bark compost to mulching. If you already have older perennials in your garden, you can share these in April. This promotes the growth of plants. The divided perennials can then be used as described.

Flower bulbs and tubers

If you have not started yet, you still have the opportunity to plant flower bulbs and tubers until May. Please note that although her lilies can plant directly after thawing of the soil, dahlias are very sensitive. Therefore, you should plant them only after the ice heals in May. Other popular summer blows are the gypsy flower (blooming from July to October) and the giant hyacinths, which gets up to 100cm. In late summer (September), the fancy nerines adorn your flowerbed.
By the way: The summer onions should be digested in autumn again and keep in a cool (frost-free) and dark place. So you make sure you can be used again next season.

Second chance for berry bushes

Who did not have time in autumn, plants berry bushes like raspberry or red currant, now has the opportunity to catch up with this. Although the harvest is no longer so profitable this season, but she should be better in the next season. But also decorative bushes, hedges, ferns as well as grasses and the queens of the garden, the roses should find the way in your front yard slowly.

General plant rules

Although the April does not belong to the warmest spring months, the sun seems longer and sometimes a daily one. This should take advantage of it. Also, if the sun is not so strong, it is important that you pay attention to longer dry periods, to water your young plants (especially container plants). If it comes to frost against expectation, your plants protect with a fleece or the like so that they do not freeze and die. If you follow these tips, you will find a successful garden season.

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