REWUKIL cassette changing system
REWUKIL cassette changing system
REWUKIL cassette changing system

REWUKIL cassette changing system

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The REWUKIL (REgenWUheapsKILler) is the perfect addition to any cylinder mower and is characterized by its tool-free cassette changing system. The low speed makes using the REWUKIL particularly gentle and prevents the blades from tearing. It is so quiet that it can be used at any time, even late at night or on Sundays. The design of the REWUKIL is well thought out, we do not have a front and rear roller, which means that neither earthworm clumps nor upright grasses are flattened during application. The REWUKIL has a working width of 40 cm and is very light and maneuverable at 19 kg. 

The REWUKIL system offers the user a practical solution for various applications:

  • REWU (REgenWUrmhäufchen) cassette: the specially developed cassette solves an annoying problem familiar to lawn lovers: It effectively collects earthworm piles from the lawn and transports them directly into the collection basket. Leaves, acorns and small branches are also transported into the collection basket. Even cores left behind after aerification can be collected with this cassette. Thanks to its compatibility with the grass collector of the Falkenstein hand cylinder mower, there is a significant advantage: the same collector can be used for both devices. 
  • Vertical comb cassette: Another cassette, the vertical comb, is used to straighten up transverse blades of grass. This not only improves the aesthetics of the lawn by giving it a more even appearance, but also improves gas exchange in the soil. After using the vertical comb, the lawn can be vacuumed with a rotary mower and then cut precisely with a cylinder mower. The photo shows a prototype, in the series the stainless steel stars are arranged in a spiral. 
  • Fan cassette: Finally, gentle and almost noiseless aeration of the lawn. Aerating with the built-in spring tines is less invasive than scarifying and is particularly suitable for regular maintenance to keep the lawn healthy and resilient. Dead grass, moss and thatch are removed in the process. These can block water and nutrients that would otherwise reach the roots of the lawn. Removing them helps water and nutrients to penetrate the soil better.
  • Brush cassette: It also helps to evenly distribute sand or top dressing, which improves soil quality and helps control moss and thatch by creating unfavorable conditions for their growth.

The REWUKIL is designed to cause as little damage as possible to the turf. The speed is adapted to the application and ensures effective but gentle turf care, which distinguishes the REWUKIL from existing cassette changing systems. 
For owners of the Falkenstein hand cylinder mower, the compatibility of the grass collector provides considerable added value. The REWUKIL is a valuable addition to lawn care, especially for users of cylinder mowers who are looking for a comprehensive solution to the challenges of lawn care.



  • REWUKIL base unit powder-coated in anthracite
  • Cassette of your choice
  • Grass catcher of your choice

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