Mein Schöner Premium-Rasen "all-round" No. 20 (lawn seed mix)

Mein Schöner Premium-Rasen "all-round" No. 20 (lawn seed mix)

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  • Suitable for new planting and reseeding
  • Suitable for sunny and semi-shady locations
  • Colour: medium green
  • Recommended mowing height: 16 - 40 mm
  • Not less than 30 mm in fully shaded locations
  • Contains the extremely shade-tolerant and robust Poa supina
  • Self-regenerating and suitable for robot use
  • Moderate to high maintenance
  • Mantelsaat® ️Vital for optimal germination
  • Sowing density: 20-25 g/m²
  • Reseeding density: 15-18 g/m²

This medium-green, all-round mixture with Poa Supina is highly versatile. The resulting lawn features predominantly fine blades of grass with an ornamental character but can also hold its own as a functional lawn because it is hard-wearing, resilient and regenerative. And this all-rounder has even more to offer: the lawn is also well suited for shady and semi-shady locations, thanks mainly to Poa supina in the mixture. And if the lawn is ever subject to additional stress, its ability to withstand this strain is again mainly due to the Poa supina variety, but also the perennial ryegrass and meadow grass. 


- 30% perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) FIREBIRD
- 15% red fescue (Festuca rubra commutata) HOMESTAR
- 10% red fescue with short stolons (Festuca rubra trichophylla) PINAFORE
- 15% creeping red fescue (Festuca rubra rubra) SERGEI
- 10% smooth meadow-grass (Poa pratensis) HILDA
- 10% common bent (Agrostis capillaris) POLANA
- 10% supine bluegrass (Poa supina) Mantelsaat® ️Vital SUPREME/SUPRANOVA

The specific combination of selected top varieties ensures a diverse range of applications and a lawn with a distinctive character, which requires good care but offers a delightful appearance all year round. After scarifying the existing lawn, the mixture can also be used for reseeding.

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