Mein Schöner Nachsaat-Rasen "upgrade" No. 25 (lawn seed mix)

Mein Schöner Nachsaat-Rasen "upgrade" No. 25 (lawn seed mix)

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  • Especially suitable for reseeding
  • Suitable for all locations
  • Medium green colour (suitable for approx. 80% of garden lawns)
  • For the regeneration of existing lawns
  • Suitable for reseeding gaps in the lawn
  • Offers an "upgrade" for an old lawn
  • Recommended mowing height: 20 - 40 mm (depending on the existing lawn, lower heights may also be possible)
  • Suitable for robot use
  • Moderate maintenance
  • Mantelsaat® ️Vital for optimal germination
  • Reseeding density: 15-18 g/m²

Would you like to regenerate and revitalise an existing lawn? Or repair damaged areas in the grass cover? In which case, our new, high-quality, medium-green reseeding mixture is the perfect choice!

Take advantage of the usually moderate temperatures in late summer to make visible improvements to your existing lawn. The regenerated lawn will be strengthened by a final autumn fertilisation before going into the winter break. Of course, reseeding can also work very well in spring.

The mixture contains top varieties of perennial ryegrass combined with a coated meadow grass to ensure an impressive new appearance for your "old" lawn in a short time. The result is a transformation of patchy grass into a dense, lush and hard-wearing lawn.

Before reseeding, we recommend mowing the existing lawn to ensure it is as short as possible and scarifying immediately afterwards to make room for the new growth. Rolling the reseeded lawn provides the necessary soil contact and encourages the germination process, so that regeneration proceeds more quickly and the remaining vegetation time is used better and more effectively. In the first few weeks, the soil must be kept constantly moist so that germination and thus growth can begin.


- 45% perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) VERMILLION
- 40% perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) FIREBIRD
- 15% smooth meadow-grass (Poa pratensis) HILDA (coated seed)

The minimum requirements for a regeneration mixture according to RSM 3.2 are clearly exceeded with the varieties used here.

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