Care instructions

Care instructions


Basic frame

The base frame is made of aluminum and steel and then high strength
Powder-coated. Drop-up and handles are made of durable
Plastic. So it does not rust.
If the rates stick to the lawn tech, you can easily join them
Cumfish a garden hose. Also the use of sponges and cleaning agents
Does not hurt the entire aerifier.


Since the base plates are made with the spoons made of stainless steel, they become
Do not rust. When the aeromer process is completed, the excavation can be with a
Sticks are pushed out of the spoons from bottom to top.
Attention: Fits that you do not come into the spoons with your fingers.
You could violate the cutting rings!

Cutting ring

The cut rings of the spoons need some care. These are from a special steel
Made and hardened. But this steel can rust, that's why
Should the rings be protected from moisture when stored.
For this purpose, the rings should be used after use and cleaning with a dry
Wiped cloth and oiled inside and outside. For this is a e.g.
A spray oil suitable.