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Here you will find answers to the aerifier Rasenspecht and the aerification.

Questions about the product and use

Click to close Which lawn sizes is the aerifier?
The aerifier (lawnspecht) is suitable for lawns with an area of ​​up to 200 square meters, moreover, an application is very tedious and not recommended.


Click for folging When should I aerify?
To the Aerify your lawn The spring is suitable, ie the period of March to May and the late summer (September to October). In general, it is important that no longer Dry or heat perimeter To expect, as well Ground frost can be excluded. Therefore, especially for regional events, you do not specify it directly on the months. Are you insecure, visit ours Facebook site. Here we announce the start of the aerial season in good time.


Click to close Why is not that sufficient?
The vertexution is necessary if Moose cover the ground. A vertical device is then able to remove the moat, but it does not fix the fundamental problem. Most of the time it is responsible for the formation of Moosen on the lawn, as this is very comfortable on a damp terrain. At this point then the Lawn fan (Aerifier), because with drainages, this cares can be eliminated. Thus, an aerifier does not replace the verticuters, but forms a meaningful and necessary supplement.


Click to close My lawn will not be nice despite the aerification - what am I doing wrong?

Basically, it is difficult to set a remote diagnosis. However, there are certain steps that you can check out:

a) Was sanded into the holes after aerifying?

b) Did you add fertilizer and grass seed to the sand to optimize the results?

c) Have you punched enough holes in the lawn (about all 15 centimeters)?

D) Have you taken care of that the ground does not dry out?

e) was there in the meantime ground frost?

If you consider these steps, you are welcome to ourselves Service team turn around. You can then describe this problem exactly so you can give you individual tips.


Click to close Do I have to be particularly strong to use the aerator?
No, due to the construction Is the aerator very light and handy. Since you only have two spoons into the ground, and the cut rings are extremely sharp through the special curing, you do not have to apply so much strength to apply the aerator. Even with clay or clay floors, the effort is relatively low.


Click to close For which soils the aerifier is particularly suitable?
The best results can be achieved with staunous loess and milbocks. But even for other floor species, the aerator is very well suited.


Click to close Is the aerifier prone to bad weather?
No, only the cured cut rings should be protected from moisture. Since the aerifier is powder coated, it is not prone to rust and thus weather-resistant.


Click to close How long does it take for the results to be visible on the lawn?
For good terms, you will be able to admire the first results after four weeks on your local lawn.


Click to close In which intervals do I have to sting the holes in the lawn?
You should stab the aerifier with 15 centimeters distance in the ground. This is also about the distance the spoons have to each other. This results in a uniformly aerified surface.


Click to close Which difference Holle Spoons do in contrast to full sspoons?
The effort that you spend in full socks is a lot bigger, as you only displace the earth and not just off. In addition, there is a stowage of the earth, so that the water can not reach the ground at the spot. Thanks to the hollow spoons, the problem does not result and by the special conical shape, the excavation of the lawn also moves smoothly up into the drip tray. This is the case with our lawn fan.


Click to close May the excavation (earth sausages of aerifying) remain on the lawn?
No, because if you leave the excavation after aerification, you risk that your lawn will get sick. Mushrooms and mold can make up, so that your lawn will get ugly, brown spots. So if you use the weedspoon, in each case the trouble collects with the hand and disposes them on the compost.


Click to close What is the treatment of the lawn with sand?
The sand prevents the outlined holes from being reversed again. So you have created a permanent drainage, which is extremely water and air permeable. In addition, you can enrich the sand with fertilizers and grass seeds so that you receive faster results.


Questions about shipping

Click to close How can I send my aerifier back to problems?
You can easily use the carton with which you got the rasp fan delivered. Please speak in advance the conditions (cash on delivery, takeover of shipping costs, etc.) with our Service team away.


Click to close Who can I contact if I have a problem with the aerator?
The Service team If you are always happy to answer your questions about the lawn fan and aerification. You reach us by e-mail, by phone or you just look directly from us.