Lawnmower types: advantages and disadvantages at a glance

To miss your lawn the appropriate cut, the most diverse lawn mowers offer: spindle mowers (hand or motorized power), siblets (electric or with petrol engine), mulcher or battery-electric wheels - the selection is great. But which mower is suitable for what? Each lawnmower brings advantages and disadvantages that we would like to imagine:

For short housebow

Inexpensive lawnmower

You have a small purse? Then the hand-operated spindle mowers would be a meaningful purchase for you. It is relatively inexpensive and ensures a clean sectional picture (max. Cutting height: 8 cm). Thanks to its low weight, he is even suitable for hillside layers. However, the use of the spindle mower is very time and effective, especially for larger surfaces. If you want to acquire an electric motor-powered lawn mower, the purchase of an electric sulfuric huter offers. This is comparatively cheap and can also be used in (temperate) slopes. The almost noiseless electric motor also causes no exhaust gases. However, it is less powerful compared to other engine harnesses and you need an electrical connection. For winding surfaces, you must also pay attention to the cable guide, otherwise it can quickly get between the blades.

Flexible work assignment

If you have many winding surfaces on your property, your choice should fall on a gasoline motor-powered sickle mower (maximum cutting height ten centimeters). It is more powerful and flexible compared to electrical acids, so that they can also be used in part in slopes. The disadvantage, however, are the great noise pollution and exhaust emissions. In addition, the maintenance is quite expensive. If you prefer a low-noise alternative, we recommend the battery electrical manure. This can be used independently of a power supply. Since he does not need a cable, it is also suitable for winding surfaces. You must expect that the charging capacity of the battery is limited. Again, the maintenance effort is high.


If your special emphasis is set to the cut quality of your lawn, but the grass area is too big for a normal spindle mower, it tries to: the motor-powered spindle mower is suitable for larger surfaces and ensures a proper cut (max. Cutting height: 8 cm). Problematic can be the exhaust exchange and the noise pollution. He is also very expensive in the acquisition and entertainment. A modified type of spindle tower is the mulch mower. Hereby nutrients are returned to the grass over the clippings. A special advantage: If necessary, it can be converted into a conventional spindle mill. But this mower is relatively expensive and the mowing process time consuming. In addition, you have to mow the lawn if you want to ensure nutrient return, more frequently.

Our tip:
For the perfect grass we recommend the use of a spindle mill. The cut is clean, that means the cutting blades frank the lawn tips in the mowing process. Thus, her unsightly, yellow tips prevents. The device is also cheap and relatively easy to handle.

For flower meadows and tall grass

If you have full of your summer meadow, or just want to make up too high grown grass, the use of a scythe is recommended. It detects high plants with a clean cut without lying on them. In addition, a sense is quite handy and can thus also be used in slopes and winding surfaces. However, the problem here is that you need a lot of exercise and can also be time consuming and exhausting depending on the grass area. An alternative to this would be, for example, the beam mower. Although this is not as flexible, but suitable for large surfaces.

Lawn mowers for particularly large surfaces

If you have a property with very large lawn (eg parks), it is recommended a ride-on mower. With this you can easily process large areas in a short time. However, the disadvantages are enormous: such a ride-on mower is expensive and makes a lot of noise. In addition, the exhaust emission is comparatively large. On hilly terrain, you should not use the machine.

The Moror Boat, for the small well maintained lawn

If the grass area is not too adinking, you can use a lawnmen robot. The grass area should not be too oblique so that the robot does not hang. The manufacturers specify in their product descriptions until the inclination of the robots can be used. The lawn should be in shape before the first use of a lawnmen robot. Of course, he does not manage to high grass.

There are robots that determine their position in the garden with the help of an induction loop. This means that you must previously put a thin cable around the surface to be streamed. But if the cable is placed, this effort is history. Some models are based on GPS navigation. These models are then suitable for very large areas. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, several morquoots are used. There are some models on the market that can be controlled by app. This allows you to drive the robot from anywhere. An internet connection is of course a prerequisite.

You have to make sure that no garden tools, pine cones or other parts are on the lawn. By starting up, larger parts usually do not represent a problem for the mower. The robots are not suitable for rainy weather, as they do not tolerate too much water. Many morquootes work according to the mulch mowing system. This means that the cutting material is not removed from the lawn, but is crushed so much that it is composted practically on the grass. The clippings actually acts as a fertilizer.

It makes no sense if you use the robot in wet grass, because the grass would otherwise only clump. If you regularly use the Moravian Leader before the lawn is too long, the gardening easier. Once turned on, the robot continues to change. When the battery is empty, it selects the charging station independently. This is also a classic way its starting point, which is located near a power outlet. Some models have solar cells, thus increasing efficiency again. Although the noise is lower than that of a conventional mower, but from consideration to his neighbor, it operates the robot best during the day. The children and small animals should be the robot only under supervision.

After some time of robotic mowing, he will graze poets and even more uniform. Flowers and herbs will disappear in the longer term and the habitat of different insects is restricted by the regularity of mowing. That could be a reason not to mow too large lawns with a robot.

Supplementary careers

Of course, there are other devices next to the lawn mowers to bring the lawn back into shape. For example, the lawn trimmers would be there. These even reach the places that a lawn mower has to spare the size and shape, for example under shrubs and hedges. You can acquire a trimmer with battery or cable. For bed edges and the inheritance of smaller surfaces, the battery shears are suitable. You can acquire them as handholders and thus practically reach every little place. So do not escape a grass.

How do I get true?

Why do I have to irritate my lawn? How often should I water? We answer these and other questions here and explain what matters.


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