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Aerifying lawn - When should the lawn be aerified and why?

Aerifying lawn - When should the lawn be aerified and why?

Aerify? Is not that just something for football lawns and golf courses? Is it worth it for the private garden? We say: necessarily! And explain in detail when and why the lawn aerify Should and which Grass problem This will be solved.

When is the right time to aerify to the lawn?

It's end of February, the sun laughs, the lawn grows. We smell the spring, feel the warmth on our skin and look forward to the first flowering plants in our garden. But is already the right time to aerify?

Basically, the recommendation is aerified from March - October. Because: The lawn should be in the growth phase. Here you can see well with which temperatures of the lawns or the roots are growing:

A look into the weather forecast of the next 14 days is worthwhile: are temperatures of at least 5 ° C to a maximum of 25 ° C predicted, can be aerified without concerns, then the grass can recover quickly.

Why is it worth aerative?

A lawn is created for many reasons. One pleases on the look of the rich green, the other uses the lawn for sports activities, again other benefits free area that will not enter as a flower meadow for insects. Those who enjoy a green lawn, remember after the attachment quickly: The lawn care is not that easy.

Maintaining a lawn means a lot of work, among other things, claimed green wants to be aerified. Because due to normal use and weather conditions the ground compresses. That has the result that Staggering forms because the soil is no longer permeable enough. The turf roots are no longer sufficiently supplied with moisture and unwanted plants such as e.g. Moos are found in burdens of optimal conditions to grow.

With persistent beads, it can Lawn disease come. Due to the aerifying and subsequent introduction of sand, the boomes are prevented for a drainage and can be breathed in the lawn. The recommended is the aerification with hollow spoons, because this is taken out of the earth. Vollspoons (e.g., lawn fan shoes) are less suitable because because no earth is removed, it will only be displaced and the ground is still poet.

The mechanical venting of the lawn also has ecological advantages. Without burdening the ground with pesticides, it creates good conditions for grasses to grow and at the same time inhibits the growth of unwanted uniform crabs. Very without chemistry.

Which lawns are eliminated or prevented by aerification?

Soil compressions and the associated boom can extremely add to our lawn. Unwanted side effects are e.g. Mushroom growth or moss formation in the lawn. But there are also serious lawn diseases such as e.g. Dollar Licking Disease (see picture), witch rings, snow shield or root and stalk rot.

Regular aerification bends here and preserves in front of a complete newly investment of the lawn.

Next week, we report detail here in the blog Lawn disease And what you can do about it.

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Aerify lawn - when should the lawn be aerified and why?