May: So you mow right!

Lawn care made easy

To the right care of your lawn belongs next to the ground quality, nutrient and water supply also the right cut. What the pastures have been completed earlier by selection of plants is now on you: Do not you mow your lawn, upgrades, so that the lawn turns into a flower meadow. Only through the maht multiply stooping subgrids, which make your lawn tight. Of course, regular mowing alone is not enough to make a well-kept grass from a flowering summer meadow. Frequent mowing makes the lawn weak and ill. The frequency of mowing, as well as the cutting depth depend on various factors we will explain to you below:

The cutting height

In Wonnemonat Mai, you should mow your lawn regularly. How high and how often, of course depends on the type of use. Construction, play and parking spaces should be trimmed at a height of six to ten centimeters. The functional grass may also be six to 12 centimeters. If you want to mow your ornamental grass, more often less. The cutting height should be here between four to seven centimeters. But it is generally important that a maximum of one third of the leaf mass may be removed. In a larger loss of mass, illnesses can come because the grass is too weakened. So you should mow better twice if your lawn has made a "shot".


Each kind of lawn also has its own claims, which concerns the mowing frequency. So it is enough for your game, functional and parking spaces if you choose this eight to ten times a year. Construction sets should be mowed 16 to 20 times. The most intense care needs a zierrasen, because this must be cut proudly 25 to 30 times a year. Please note, but never mowing if the lawn is still wet. The grasses are then violated more than necessary as they are torn out instead. In addition, the grass scar is then relatively uneven and your lawnmower can clog faster. In the worst case, the wheels of the lawn mower sink and damage the grass plants.

Tips and Tricks

If your transitional, strip-free cut surfaces want to get, then always mows a wheel width. If you are still insecure, you can attach markings to the lawn mower for this. If you want to cut laminations, then always mows across the slope.

The right lawnmower

Sense, beam mower, spindle mowers, siblets, riding mower ... The choice of lawn mower depends heavily on the size, location and art of your lawn. Your physical constitution is also important to select the right lawn mower. here Let us introduce you to different types of lawn mowers with their advantages and disadvantages.

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