Aerify vs. osticuate

Everyone knows vertically. The aerification is largely unknown. Where is the difference?

A well-kept grass is the dream of many garden owners. A scary green carpet made of lawn, without moss and unwanted crawls, values ​​the garden. However, it is also the most nasty area of ​​the garden: mowing regularly, fertilize, weed out, vertically, aerify (turfing) and is necessary for the lawn to develop strong roots. But where is the difference in lawn ventilation and vertical?


When it is vertically, the grass narbe of a grass surface is sandwiched by small sharp knives. This should be removed the lawn felt consisting of leftover clippings (mulch) and moss. The lawn felt prevents sufficient water and nutrients from reaching the roots.

The vertexution is necessary if Moose or lawn felt cover the floor. A vertical device is then able to remove the moat, but it does not fix the fundamental problem. And here the aerifier comes into play.


Most of the time it is responsible for the formation of Moosen on the lawn, as this is very comfortable on a damp terrain. At this point then the AeratorOne, because this with drainages ensures that stations can be eliminated. With the "spoons" (spikes) you can penetrate about 10 cm deep into the earth and provide for the necessary ventilation.

In this case, there is basically between two systems: The spoons can either consist of solid material (ie nails) or constructed as sleeves, so be hollow. That is, when they consist of solid material, they only displace the earth. Spoons made of solid material push down the earth down and to the side down. This can cause the rainwater to be accumulated in the holes because the compressed soil has no or only a low permeability. Therefore, aerifiers like theScratchMore advantageous, because his "spoons" are hollow inside. So the earth can be stapped directly from the ground.

The verticutor combats the symptom, the aerifier the cause. Thus, both methods complement each other. If you both start at the right time, a perfect lawn is nothing in the way! here There is even more information about lawn care.

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