Ergon grips GP1 BioKork size L
Ergon grips GP1 BioKork size L
Ergon grips GP1 BioKork size L

Ergon grips GP1 BioKork size L

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The BioKork handles are an ergonomic addition to the Falkenstein cylinder lawn mower. These handles offer numerous advantages in terms of comfort and handling and are specially designed to relieve wrist strain and reduce hand discomfort.

Features of the BioKork handles:

  • Ergonomic design: The anatomical shape and functional surface ensure a better grip and comfort.
  • Pressure relief: The large support surface supports the wrist and protects against buckling, reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Material quality: The handles are made of 40 % skin-friendly, non-slip and environmentally friendly cork. Two rubber hardness levels provide additional grip.

Technical data:

  • Area of application: Suitable for various garden and outdoor activities.
  • Handle material: High-quality Medical LongLife Rubber Compound and cork from organic cultivation in Portugal.
  • Clamping ring material: Aluminum, 100 % recyclable.
  • Length: Approx. 130 mm.
  • Outer diameter: Inside approx. 28 mm, outside approx. 55 mm.
  • Handlebar diameter: Standard 22.2 mm.
  • Clamping: Lock-on system for easy mounting.
  • Max. permissible torque: 3 Nm.
  • Colors: Handles in black and brown, clamping ring in silver.
  • Weight: 200g (size L)

Made in Germany:

The handles are developed and produced in Germany to ensure high quality and sustainability.

Scope of delivery: 1 pair of organic cork grips in brown/black size L.

The new BioKork handles for the Falkenstein cylinder lawn mower make gardening more comfortable and ergonomic.

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